Formulario On demand Program

No need to spend hours in the gym or have fancy equipment!
I understand finding the time to get to the gym can feel like an impossible feat. Or maybe you want to stay active while traveling. Not to worry…I got you!

Get access to the amazing fitness classes I have created for you. You will have access to an unlimited library of fitness classes for flexibility, mobility, dance, kickboxing, HIIT, and much more. All classes can be done with minimal to no equipment and you can do it anywhere, everywhere! New workouts added weekly!

What are you waiting for? Get your access for one class today!



Running or HIIT/Crossfit?:

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“Anais is the best Zumba instructor that I could ever have! Her classes are full of energy and fun. She played a variety of music during her classes and she always has new dance movements that keep it very interesting. I totally recommend her classes! Anais is very creative and cares about what the students want to dance. I really enjoy Zumba with Anais!”