Stress & Recovery Questionnaire

Stress & Recovery Questionnaire

Please answer the following questionnaire that will help us to start understand more about your daily recovery and common stressors.


Sleep habits and quality

Think about your sleep habits and quality right now.
Do you work shift work?
1 being horrible and 10 awesome
Do you currently take any medications or natural health products to help yourself sleep?

Stress factors

Many things can cause us stress. Check all that you’ve experienced in the last six months.
1 being no stress, 10 being extreme stress
1 being horribly, 10 being perfectly
(Include physical, mental, and emotional recovery.)
1 being exhausted, 10 being superstar
On an average day, do you have any persistent pain, soreness, stiffness, aching, etc.?
1 being almost nothing, 10 being excruciating/disabling
1 being total brain fog, 10 being genius
1 being completely depressed, 10 ray of sunshine
1 being ugh, I'd rather take a nap, 10 let's crush it